Outreach with TryJesus.com



The Internet is a mission field - 168 million Americans are on-line and over 600 million people worldwide- but most churches are not effectively reaching people on-line with the Gospel. TryJesus.com offers churches innovative solutions for integrating an evangelistic Internet presence with your current outreach, marketing, and evangelistic efforts.

How does a local church utilize TryJesus.com for outreach and evangelism?


  Start with your church page…on TryJesus.com. This will be your evangelistic presence on-line, separate from your church website. Think about your church website…it targets your current church members…but is it effective for reaching the unchurched?

Benefits of your church page on TryJesus.com include…

Twice the exposure. Your exposure on-line will double, and options for multimedia and on-line streaming video introduce your church to the "sight and sound" Internet generations.
Twice the impact. Use your TryJesus.com Keyword in advertising, mailings, tracts, and marketing materials. Instead of "single-purpose" (introduction to your church), your marketing now becomes "dual-purpose" (introduction to your church and evangelism).
Triple the reach. Your church will benefit from other TryJesus.com advertising in your area. And by integrating with current outreach efforts, you could triple the reach every dollar spent.





Reach people…in your community with TryJesus.com "E-vangelism" integrated with your current outreach efforts.

Outreach materials. Utilize postcards, outreach tracts, invite cards, t-shirts, and other outreach materials as part of your overall outreach strategy.
City campaigns. Partner with other churches in your area to reach your city through a custom "Try Jesus" campaign that can include billboards, T.V. commercials, newspaper ads, and city-wide events.
Everyone involved. Everyone in your church can get involved by sharing their "life story" on TryJesus.com and utilizing other "E-vangelism" tools provided. A special "kick-off" service is available from Try Jesus Ministries, encouraging the church with how to share their faith effectively.


TryJesus.com only works with select churches with a passion for reaching the lost! If you are a cutting-edge media church with a passion for reaching your community, then TryJesus.com is for you!

For more information on how your church can utilize TryJesus.com to reach your community with the Gospel, please send an e-mail to PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US unless you are serious about evangelism! In your email, include information on your church's current evangelism/outreach efforts, your current website, and your vision for reaching your community with the Gospel.